A testimonial from Lynn:

We were overjoyed to have found out about waterbirth and Andaluz.  Knowing there was an alternative to a hospital experience is what gave us the confidence to move forward and start our family.


We felt listened to at every pre-natal care appointment, and I, as the woman who would be giving birth, felt treated as a whole person.  It was not just my body giving birth, but my mind and my heart as well.

We were treated like a king and queen the week-end my daughter was born.  And the post-partum ativan online mastercard care was amazing….the midwives and apprentices were so attentive and have answered every question we’ve thrown at them, even months after the birth experience was over.

Thank you, Andaluz, for providing a place where new moms can relax and enter motherhood with a sense of calm and confidence.  Thank you for including my husband every step of the way.  Being in the birth tub is an experience neither he, nor I, will ever forget!

Lynn Landre