Today we had a first time mom have a planned breech birth at home, in a warm pool of water. I got the call this morning saying she had just started early labor with contractions every 6 – 8 minutes apart. She was still chatty and sounded excited, and we told her to call us if things changed in any way, and that we would check in with her in an hour if we didn’t hear from her sooner. We had 2 midwives and 1 apprentice assigned to this birth. I spoke with the other midwife on the phone and told her I felt this mom would have a fast labor (I was thinking 4-6 hours of active labor…. which is pretty quick for a first time mom), and that we should head to her home shortly. Since we are not allowed to do breeches at the birth centers (because of birth center laws) this was a home birth that happened to be far from where I live. Thirty buy ativan anxiety minutes after the first call we get a call that mom’s water broke and contractions are very close together (one of the midwives was already driving to her home). I am driving there when I get a call from the midwife who has arrived there that mom is pushing. I call a second midwife who lives nearby but is off call (she is on maternity leave because her baby was born about 3 weeks ago) and ask if she can head over since I am worried I might miss the birth (still 20 minutes away). She happily obliges and discovers she only lives 4 blocks away from this mom’s home. I get a call 10 minutes later: baby is born. APGARs 10/10. I arrive at the home to find mom and baby in the tub, happily snuggling. This first time mom had a one hour labor and a beautiful breech waterbirth. Despite having attended over 850 births, I’m still blown away with the miracle of birth!

September 17, 2009