Sophia playing midwifeI was driving to a midwife meeting today when I got the call “Contractions just started and are 8 minutes apart.” I let my client know I’ll keep my phone right next to me and be ready to leave my meeting at a moments notice. Fifteen minutes later her husband calls, “Contractions are every 2 minutes.” Between contractionsI take a turn off the highway and head to her house. I am only 15 minutes from her home, and I arrive to find her looking radiant in her huge white bathtub, filled with warm water. Her belly is large and ripe with 2 babies. I listen to one, then the other. Both sound fabulous. I’m the second midwife to arrive, and only 10 minutes after I get there momma feels pressure. I text the other midwives “baby one being born”. No sooner do I hit the send button when I hear the front door open and they quietly come in. They sit silently and get up as needed to listen to fetal heart tones, take pictures, wipe momma’s brow with a cold washcloth. I have gloves on to help cheap ativan with no prescription catch baby, and the 3 year old sibling insists she needs gloves on as well. We give her gloves. She pouts when I am listening to heart tones and won’t let HER do it. She leans over the tub with a glass of ice water for her mom to sip from a straw. It isn’t much longer before baby brother is born gently into the water, picked up and held close in momma’s arms. DSC06939He greets the world with a strong cry, and stretches his arms and legs. He gets 8 minutes with mom before we must cut the cord and place him in big sister’s arms, as momma is feeling pressure again. Here comes baby sister. Into the water and then on momma’s chest. We let a little water out and put both babies together on momma’s belly. After a while of skin to skin contact in the tub, momma births 2 placenta’s and snuggles into bed to nurse both babies.  Two babies in less then two hours. No stitches needed. No cesarean. Just the miracle of birth.