Portland Family magazine‘s  October issue  has  an article on the efforts that Andaluz Waterbirth Center’s owner, Jennifer Gallardo, provided in the years following the horrible Haiti earthquake.

Jennifer was familiar with the poverty that is found in developing countries, but the extreme poverty she witnessed in Haiti made her want to do more. She says, “You cannot walk into a pediatric unit and see babies starving, sucking desperately on their little fingers and whimpering, without being forever changed. These babies I witnessed were being fed sugar water, as their mothers had stopped breastfeeding them for various reasons, and formula was much too expensive for any of these ativan online no prescription mothers to buy.”

Those of us that know Jennifer were hardly surprised by the outpouring of generosity she gave to creating and sustaining this organization. After all, she has helped numerous families in the Portland area with ongoing empathy, grace, and humbleness. Andaluz also sincerely appreciates our clients and community that still raises money for this important cause – and continue to see that the need the Haitian people have is not close to ending.

No amount of time or money is too small – for more information on how you can help MamaBaby Haiti, visit their website.

With love,

The Andaluz Waterbirth Center staff