Andaluz Waterbirth Center is pleased to bring Stephanie Pearson from Daily Nectar to teach this short but informative class on Nourishment in Pregnancy:


Nourishment in Pregnancy

Nourishing your growing baby during pregnancy means nourishing yourself.  Learn which foods are loaded with the most nutrients and how to best integrate them into your daily diet.  Other information presented will include an overview of dietary practices that are associated with a decreased risk for allergies, asthma, Autism Spectrum, and other purchase ativan canada childhood disorders.  You’ll receive prenatal nutritional guidelines, recipes, and a hearty serving of encouragement for making eating well during pregnancy a priority now and in the years of parenting to come.  This class is also appropriate for those who are hoping to conceive.


This class will take place Saturday, August 3 from 10-11am at our Portland birth center. There is no cost for the class and you can register by emailing Stephanie at