Well-Infant Consultations with a special focus on healthy allergic response are HALF OFF through March, 2014!

Start Your Baby Off Right. 

The first six months of life are a critical period for the development of a healthy immune system and a functional allergic response.  Though March, Winter Well-Infant Consultations with Functional Nutritionist, Stephanie Pearson, will be offered for just $45.  Learn easy to follow, step-by-step guidelines to setting your baby up for the best possible start!

What information will be shared?

will receive clear instructions for integrating an evidence-based dietary and supplemental approach that is associated with a significantly reduced risk for the development of food and environmental allergies.  The window of opportunity for this therapy is durning the first six months of life.  Specifically, buy ativan online with mastercard women will receive details regarding:

  • Third trimester diet and supplementation in preparation for the first six months of infancy- a critical window of time for immune-system development
  • Guidelines for the postpartum period immediately follow birth
  • Information pertinent to healthy breast milk production AND supplemental must-dos for bottle fed babies
  • Guidelines for introducing baby’s first foods
Who should use this service?  This special consultation was developed for women from their third trimester of pregnancy through their baby’s first six months of infancy.  Earlier is better!

To schedule an appointment at Andaluz, call 503-885-0228.
To schedule an appointment at Portland Family Health, call 503-777-0444 or schedule online at www.dailynectar.net.