Andaluz loves mamalates!

July 6, 2015 Comments Off on Andaluz loves mamalates!


Recently, Andaluz Waterbirth Center sent our midwives Oni Tschudy, Marilyn Milestone, Patricia Couch and Tracy Lawson-Allen to be trained as instructors in the mamalates method. Mamalates classes are movement classes for mamas, based on pilates principles, that have a specific focus on recovery from birth but also include essential exercises for pregnant mamas and mamas who had a baby long ago as well. Our midwives loved the training and learned so much, especially about how to check for separated abdominal muscles and how to bring them back together, and also how to help mamas recover from cesarean births.


When we took the training, we were eager to bring what we learned back to our clients at Andaluz and have already started to share what we learned with our clients. But at our training we also discovered that we had the opportunity to continue the operation of Studio mamalates generic ativan medicine that was already going strong on SE Belmont as it was planning to close otherwise! And the new Andaluz Waterbith Center satellite studio will not only continue to offer mamalates and yoga, but will also have childbirth and birth-related classes, babywearing meetups, and more. Watch the Andaluz website for more info on our new studio offerings!20150706_110354

Wendy Foster, mamalates owner, is a wonderful teacher. She is very excited to have the midwives of Andaluz teach mom & baby mamalates and represent her brand!


The Belmont Studio is at 3825 SE Belmont in Portland.


Andaluz Waterbirth Center’s first mamalates series starts July 29th and runs for four weeks on Wednesday mornings from 10-11:15 a.m. Pregnant and postpartum moms are welcome. Babies are a welcome part of the mamalates routine! Cost for the four week series is $70 and includes Wendy Foster’s mom+babe DVD. To register, contact Tracy at