Seven Midwives and Seven Babies

May 21, 2016 Comments Off on Seven Midwives and Seven Babies

Last week seven midwives had a fun hour in the warm afternoon playing with seven happy babies.

Bouncing Babies

Playing with our cuddly babies.

Having fun. Getting ready for the pose.

Working on keeping babies happy

Bouncing babies!

Midwife photo 2016

Ahhh… the perfect pose!

Midwives standing

Gotta try a standing pose.

A scheduled seventh baby didn’t show but we had an extra laying around at the birth center, hehe.  What a cute little new bundle! Tracy was so glad momma and poppa were open to letting him see the great outdoors at just a few hours old!

Squirmy baby! Carrie has strong arms, so she won’t drop her!

Oni has a perfect smile and pose. Baby has something ativan buy online no prescription other than a photo shoot in mind…

Baby asks, “Why is everyone staring at me?” Patricia says, “Because you are so dang cute!”

Just another day for Marilyn. She is ALWAYS smooching on her clients babies!

I think Megan is enjoying this snuggle…

Jennifer w/laughing baby

Laughing babies make everyone smile. Never mind the drool on the shirt!

Thank you to the mommas who brought their babies to share, and thank you to Heidi Helser for the lovely photos! She is so good with babies!

Go to our midwife page to see the final pictures we chose!