A Father’s Perspective

March 13, 2017 0 Comments

Initially, to me waterbirth just sounded like high adventure for thrill-seeking mamas. After witnessing the waterbirths of several of our children with Andaluz, however, I can relate that it makes the conventional hospital births of our first two children seem like blindfolded extreme sports. Waterbirth with Andaluz has consitently provided a non-invasive and gentle welcome to the world for our children, as well as a respectful, kind and supportive experience for their mother and for me too, as their father. Fatherhood has always been an intimidating phase of life for me. When a father is accepted and involved – as much as he is capable (I am seriously squeamish, mind you) – in the birthing process by those attending, as I was with Andaluz, he is given a safe environment in which to instinctively develop the love and build the confidence that will be needed as he regains his bearings in preparation for the new phase of life with a newborn and a newmama. That is my experience, and I will always be SO GRATEFUL for the Andaluzians!

March 14, 2017