Birth Services


Andaluz midwives lead Oregon professionals with their experience and skill in waterbirth. The benefits of laboring and/or birthing in water are numerous to both you and your baby. The simple act of immersing yourself in a spacious tub of warm water immediately soothes the body, allowing buoyancy and a loss of gravity to assist with labor. Position changes are easier, there is a sense of privacy in the water, and your partner can even support you in the birth tub.

For the baby, moving from one warm fluid-filled environment (your body) to the birth tub allows for a gentle, unhurried transition to life outside the womb.


Home birth

If your desire is to have your baby in your own home, Andaluz midwives are experienced in bringing the necessary equipment and safety to your environment. Prenatal visits are done in one of our birth centers, with a home visit taking place a month before your due date.

Have your heart set on laboring or birthing in water? We have portable pools for your home birth.



Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Andaluz midwives love helping women plan and achieve a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)! Over 90% of our clients intending a VBAC end up having a successful vaginal birth. Our midwives provide complete information about the risks and benefits of vaginal birth and elective cesarean so you can make the healthiest choice possible for you and your baby.

For more information about the safety and issues surrounding VBAC, please see our Resources page.