Gentle Sleep class

Anna Stager

Anna Stager, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

  Are you tired? Need Sleep Help for your Little Ones?
  • Do you spend hours rocking, holding or nursing your baby to sleep?
  • Does your toddler need you to lay down or pat him to fall asleep?
  • Does your young child wake up throughout the night?
  • Is your child often tired, cranky or fussy?
  • Are nap-times non-existent or a struggle?
Anna Stager is a Gentle Sleep Coach that can help solve your family's sleep issues - there is help and hope! Her Gentle Sleep class offers:
  • Hope for parents of children six months through five years old
  • The top five reasons your baby/child is not sleeping
  • Tools using the Gentle Sleep Coaching methods to teach your child how to sleep better
  • Open Q&A session
  • Handouts to reinforce and support the process
  • Complimentary copy of the book 52 Sleep Secrets for Babies by Kim West
  • Sleep services coupon for a more detailed, personalized consultation
Babies in arms are welcome.
Date:  Saturday, December 14, 2013
Time:  10 - 11:30am
Location: Andaluz Portland Birth Center
$20 per Family - payable at the door through check/cash/creditcard.
To register for this class, please email Anna at
Taught by Anna Stager of Sleeping Home, Mom of two (soon to be three) and a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®.