1Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn

Workshop with Karen Strange (formerly The Midwifery Management of Neonatal Resuscitation)

Sunday, July 20, 2014 8:45 - 5:30pm

Class location: Andaluz Waterbirth Center Portland

Karen will be covering Neonatal Transitional Physiology and the latest evidence-based studies behind the guidelines. She will cover the use of O2 and pulseoximetry, and how these both apply to the out-of-hospital setting. Karen will share information from the AAP/NRP Current Issues Seminar from October 2012.

Karen presents a broader understanding of how to think about resuscitating a newborn. This perspective is way beyond the normal AAP/NRP course, and you get "the card". Karen helps participants "make sense" of how the autonomic nervous system works within us and how our own ANS responds in emergencies. She provides a process for delivering skills in all emergencies.

Karen demonstrates the baby's perspective and experience of birth, as well as tools for babies regardless of where they are born and what happens to them in the birth. Karen conveys clarity and new tools in how babies communicate. She will be sharing the latest information from an amazing program called The Prenatal Bonding Program which profoundly changes birth outcomes.

Participants will experience a perspective not presented in any midwifery course or training that will expand how one approaches birth and babies.

Workshop Fee:  $240 Pre-registration and $100 deposit due by August 1

Register and pay through the NewbornBreath website - click on "Mail" or "PayPal" for the class you are attending. The online form is electronically sent.

Please bring a potluck dish for lunch. Continental breakfast and snacks are provided.

Bringing babies to the class is fine if they are still young. If they become noisy, please step out until they are settled. Karen does not mind babies in class, but as they get older they tend to get a little noisier and that disturbs others in the class.

Refund Policy: You will get a FULL REFUND if you notify Karen, her assistant Rochelle, or the class sponsor via phone or email by the morning of the class. If you do not notify someone by morning of the class there will be a $50 fee to help defray shipping costs.


Class Sponsor:

Pamela Hines c/o Andaluz Waterbirth Center

19255 SW 65th Avenue, Suite 220 Tualatin, OR  97062

503.409.2888 pamela@waterbirth.net