Fall Mother's Support Group   motherssuport Are you...
  • Pregnant and seeking to build community before the birth of your baby?
  • A new mother desiring support and a chance to build relationships with other mothers?
Our Fall Mother's Support Group could be what you're looking for! Join other mothers as they explore and share information and support about relationships, mothering and parenting tips. While most of the gatherings will be informal, there will be some scheduled guest speakers on some days (breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, etc). Scheduled speakers will appear on this page with information and dates. For more information, contact us at info at waterbirth.net Scheduled speaker 10/18: Marilyn Milestone, IBCLC, Lacatation Consultant and Midwife comes to visit the group to discuss breastfeeding hurdles, debunking breastfeeding myths, and getting the nursing relationship off to a great start.   Group starts August 23, 2013 and runs each third and fourth Friday monthly thereafter from 11am to 1pm at the Portland Andauz birth center