andaluz-11Andaluz midwives provide comprehensive, family-centered prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. With births that take place in one of our beautiful birth centers or in the familiarity of your own home, our midwives are skilled and sensitive to each woman’s unique needs through the childbearing year. Andaluz offers a variety of classes and workshops, many of them free, to best support families and help build community. We have active email lists and a strong social media presence to further connect families with one another. In addition to your pregnancy and birth care, our midwives provide well baby care for the first six weeks, with the option to continue care with our naturopathic physician at the birth center for whole family care. With Andaluz, you and your baby receive respectful, safe, professional care that is sensitive to your needs.      

    prenatal care

Dundee CottageUnhurried one-hour prenatal visits are the hallmark of Andaluz midwifery care. With two midwives that will care for you prenatally and are on call for your birth, you will know and have a relationship with your birth attendants. No strangers, only invited and welcome guests. Prenatal visits are scheduled routinely every four weeks until the 32nd week of pregnancy, then every two weeks until a month before you’re due, when we will meet weekly until you go into labor. Your midwives are flexible and accessible, offering additional appointments if needed and availability for communication between visits. Referrals for prenatal testing, ultrasounds, and labwork are offered and discussed in-depth. Along with your midwives, you participate in the decision-making process. Andaluz gives you the time you deserve and affords you the respect to be part of your care.  

  in-house ultrasoundsBurrell11.17.12-SMALL-8

We are excited to welcome Dr. Seth Burrell, who is offering ultrasounds at our Portland birth center on Mondays and Thursdays. Dr. Burrell trained in naturopathic medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. While at NCNM, Dr. Burrell was selected and spent one year in a specialized mentorship and maintained a three-year apprenticeship with Dr. Ed Hofmann-Smith, former Dean of NCNM, gaining many hours of clinical training in obstetrical, gynecological, and basic diagnostic ultrasound.        


Andaluz midwives lead Oregon professionals with their experience and skill in waterbirth. The benefits of laboring and / or birthing in water are numerous to both you and your baby. The simple act of immersing yourself in a spacious tub of warm water immediately soothes the body, allowing buoyancy and a loss of gravity to assist with labor. Position changes are easier, there is a sense of privacy in the water, and your partner can even support you in the birth tub. For the baby, moving from one warm fluid-filled environment (your body) to the birth tub allows for a gentle, unhurried transition to life outside the womb.    

    our birth centers

When you arrive at one of our beautiful birth centers in labor, you are greeted with familiar faces, a softly lit room and a birth tub filled with warm water. All of our necessary safety and diagnostic equipment is readily available, but tucked out of sight until needed. The feeling is intimate, secure and personal. Avoid routine medical interventions such as IVs, episiotomies, and unnecessary cesarean sections. Andaluz has a 3% cesarean rate, compared to the national average of over 30%.  

    home birth

If your desire is to have your baby in your own home, Andaluz midwives are experienced in bringing the necessary equipment and safety to your environment. Prenatal visits are done in one of our birth centers, with a home visit taking place a month before your due date. Have your heart set on laboring or birthing in water? We have portable pools for your home birth.      

    vaginal birth after cesarean

Andaluz midwives love helping women plan and achieve a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)! Over 90% of our clients intending a VBAC end up having a successful vaginal birth. Our midwives provide complete information about the risks and benefits of vaginal birth and elective cesarean so you can make the healthiest choice possible for you and your baby. For more information about the safety and issues surrounding VBAC, please see our Resources page.    postpartum care

We love to pamper moms after birth! Our postpartum midwives are wonderful at caring for you and your baby in the hours and days following your birth. They are a team of Certified Professional Midwives that work closely with our birth midwives and will arrive at the birth center either shortly before or after your baby is born. They are highly skilled in all areas of prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. During your stay at the birth center, we order food for you and your partner from area restaurant favorites. Depending on insurance coverage and needs, most women choose to stay two days postpartum at the birth center. This provides ample time to bond and get breastfeeding off to a great start, while having support and care immediately available. A free postpartum massage is offered on your second day at the birth center. Follow-up care includes a three day postpartum home visit, and a one-week, three week, and six week postpartum visit at the birth center. Of course, your midwives are available for consultation and questions 24 hours a day by phone.  

    newborn careCarrieBaby

We won’t separate you from your sweet, new baby. You’ll have as much time as you want to bond with your baby, including choosing who touches and holds your baby. Andaluz midwives do newborn exams within the first two hours after birth, but they are done while the baby is in your arms and/or right by your side. Our midwifery staff adores babies and recognizes that each newborn is a conscious being, requiring gentle touch and awareness. All parents are given information about State of Oregon requirements for newborns, such as antibiotic drops for the eyes, newborn metabolic screening and Vitamin K. We fully support your right to make decisions regarding your newborn’s care. Andaluz midwives provide well baby care through the first six weeks, after which you are welcome to return to Andaluz for continued well baby (and family!) care with our naturopathic physican (see below).  

Oni    primary care doctor for the family

Dr. Oni Tschudy, our naturopathic doctor, graduated with honors from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. She loves everything about pregnancy, babies, and birth, and she especially loves that she can continue those bonds she creates with clients beyond the pregnancy and for the whole family. She enjoys caring for people of all ages using an integrated approach that allows for the best treatment available. She uses a wide array of methods to promote healing including: nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, and, if necessary, pharmaceutical medications. Dr. Oni is experienced in treating a wide variety of conditions including: infertility, menopausal symptoms, inability to lose weight, hypothyroidism, diabetes/insulin resistance, PCOS, IBS/IBD, migraines, endometriosis, PMS, eczema, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many others. She is able to provide wellness care for all family members. Schedule an appointment today and learn how to build a foundation of health that will last a lifetime!    

Prenatal yoga classes

Classes are taught at the Portland birth center in our large, beautiful classroom. Please see our online calendar for dates and information.    

    our community

Andaluz has a large family of clients who enjoy getting together for potlucks and organized play groups. We also have a Yahoo online group for Andaluz clients with over 500 members - this is a great resource for parents! Please see our Resources page for more information about the online group, and “like” our Facebook page to stay current on events!    

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