Mar 142014
Andaluz-5Crop Each March we publish our practice statistics for the previous year. At Andaluz, we are deeply committed to updating and reviewing our policies and practice guidelines to ensure safe, evidence-based care to Portland-area families. We feel that our statistics reveal the continued dedication and hard work our midwives and staff bring to the care we provide. Here are our updated statistics that include June 2011 - December 2013.  As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.
Jan 152014
Well-Infant Consultations with a special focus on healthy allergic response are HALF OFF through March, 2014!

Start Your Baby Off Right.  The first six months of life are a critical period for the development of a healthy immune system and a functional allergic response.  Though March, Winter Well-Infant Consultations with Functional Nutritionist, Stephanie Pearson, will be offered for just $45.  Learn easy to follow, step-by-step guidelines to setting your baby up for the best possible start!

What information will be shared?
will receive clear instructions for integrating an evidence-based dietary and supplemental approach that is associated with a significantly reduced risk for the development of food and environmental allergies.  The window of opportunity for this therapy is durning the first six months of life.  Specifically, women will receive details regarding:
  • Third trimester diet and supplementation in preparation for the first six months of infancy- a critical window of time for immune-system development
  • Guidelines for the postpartum period immediately follow birth
  • Information pertinent to healthy breast milk production AND supplemental must-dos for bottle fed babies
  • Guidelines for introducing baby's first foods
Who should use this service?  This special consultation from pharmacy and was developed for women from their third trimester of pregnancy through their baby's first six months of infancy.  Earlier is better!

To schedule an appointment at Andaluz, call 503-885-0228.
To schedule an appointment at Portland Family Health, call 503-777-0444 or schedule online at

Jul 172013
Andaluz Waterbirth Center is pleased to bring Stephanie Pearson from Daily Nectar to teach this short but informative class on Nourishment in Pregnancy: 5805112 Nourishment in Pregnancy Nourishing your growing baby during pregnancy means nourishing yourself.  Learn which foods are loaded with the most nutrients and how to best integrate them into your daily diet.  Other information presented will include an overview of dietary practices that are associated with a decreased risk for allergies, asthma, Autism Spectrum, and other childhood disorders.  You'll receive prenatal nutritional guidelines, recipes, and a hearty serving of encouragement for making eating well during pregnancy a priority now and in the years of parenting to come.  This class is also appropriate for those who are hoping to conceive.   This class will take place Saturday, August 3 from 10-11am at our Portland birth center. There is no cost for the class and you can register by emailing Stephanie at
Mar 062013
biopic2In recent years, the word "transparency" has been thrown around in political arenas, bureaucratic agencies, and business model practices. From Wikipedia: Transparency, as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities and in a social context more generally, implies openness, communication, and accountability. Transparency is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. Andaluz Waterbirth Center collectively has done extensive reflection on the type of resource and assets that we wish to bring to the world we all live in and has undergone policy, practice, and professional changes to improve client care. Part of our movement forward professionally includes transparency, but providing more than lip service. Andaluz seeks to provide an exemplary model of care that is fair, open, and honest about our professional goals and practices. Statistics are an often-asked inquiry from prospective clients. "What is your cesarean rate?""How many mothers typically have to transfer to the hospital in labor?"; etc. Andaluz has complied with the State of Oregon requirement that all Licensed Direct-Entry Midwives (LDEMs) complete information-gathering statistics about their practice. These statistics are collected by Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) and offer a valuable insight into the safety of midwifery care. Andaluz began collecting statistics in June 2011 and are committed to continue this practice. We are excited to share these numbers with you, to offer an honest insight into our midwifery practice and birth centers. This will enable consumers to make more informed choices about their care. Andaluz statistics are posted on our website, under our Resources page. We will add statistics every March for the prior year. Should you have any questions about these statistics, or about our practice, please feel free to contact us via email or phone. Andaluz is excited to work towards providing the best maternity care for Oregon families.      
Aug 092012
The Bite of Oregon is an annual event in Portland that benefits Special Olympics Oregon. This year marks the 40th anniversary of this amazing charity that serves to bring training and competitive events for those with intellectual disabilities - over 10,000 participants at this year's event last month! What happens at the Bite of Oregon?  It's a collection of some of the best Oregon restaurants, wineries, breweries and live entertainment at Portland's Waterfront Park. Tickets are $5, children are free. There is a great kid's area, with face painting and an amazing lineup of family-geared shows. For these reasons alone, you should really consider attending. The reason you should definitely come to this event is to see our Andaluz Breastaurant booth! We have created a cozy semi-private space, complete with comfortable seating and a fan for cool air, to feed your baby in.

If you have older kids, just come to have fun and say hello! We'd love to see you. You'll find the Andaluz Breastaurant  in the middle aisle of booths by the kids area. We'll be posting pictures on our Facebook Page tomorrow of our booth - we're proud to have created a relatively private, cozy oasis for mothers to take a moment to peacefully and comfortably feed their babies.

Hours for the Bite of Oregon are as follows:
  • Friday, August 10th:  11am - 10pm
  • Saturday, August 11th: 11am - 10pm
  • Sunday, August 12th: 11am - 8pm
Looking forward to an awesome weekend of amazing food and people, The Andaluz Midwives