Working and Breastfeeding Class

Working and Breastfeeding Class: Classes are held every other month at the Portland birth center. Please see the online calendar for upcoming dates/times.     This class is FREE, but registration is required. Please call Andaluz at 503.885.0228 or email info(at) to register. Women have always worked and breastfed, but in our modern day world it can present some unique challenges. This is a class for the soon-to-be-working parent and the already working parent, to explore the nuts and bolts of balancing work and family.  Some topics of discussion: Pumping most effectively and efficiently at work; working with your employer to create a supportive atmosphere to pump or breastfeed your baby; creating a realistic plan with your family and care providers to support your goals as a breastfeeding mom; being familiar with pump options and other supportive equipment needed for the working/breastfeeding mom. Please bring your pump and your bottle that you feed your baby with. Partners and babies are welcome! Partners can learn about bottle feeding for the breastfed babies and tools on how to provide support.